The Story of Walt and Jane

The story of Walt and Jane is quite simple, a man and a woman that were together, are together once again.  In 1953 my grandfather Mr. Walter Dillsworth wed my slightly younger grandmother Jane Duffy. The couple, like the rest of young American couples of their time, raised a big family.  They had eight kids, that all had more than one kid.. meaning at any given Christmas I’m meeting a handful of new people, whether it’s someones offspring, boyfriend, girlfriend or fiance to be.

My grandmother was a warm and lovely spirit, always had a good punch line to throw at you, but never took anyone’s, and I mean anyone’s bullstuff.  My grandmother was known for going to church everyday and then stopping by to see the grandchildren, or to fold the laundry.  She had what I believe to be, a great passion for life, and a deep love and affection for her children and their families. She is and everyday will be missed by many. My grandmother passed away quite a few years back in 2003.

For the first seventeen years of my life, my grandfather intimidated me, he was a very intimidating fellow, World War Two veteran, saw more things than anyone should have ever seen.  He was a man of few words, my fondest memory of Walt was a belch followed close with a “Pardon me”.   When I was still in high school my grandfather suffered a mild stroke in the middle of the night, and from what I was told, drove himself to the hospital. While in the hospital my grandfather suffered another more serious stroke which forced the rest of his life into a nursing home.  He spent sometime there before passing away in February 2011.

The love I saw my grandfather had for my grandmother in his last years was beautiful.  A love that you feel instead of see, it was that kind of love Walt had for Jane for over fifty years.  Alas Walt and Jane are together again, and the love they had for each other and their family has and will continue to inspire me.  I want a love like a Walt and Jane kind of love.


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