Dating Contemporary

Sometimes when I am in my car driving, or when in lecture, or church and sometimes even in the shower I question my current state of relationship status.  I am single, and most people around me, view me as voluntarily single, Imagehappily single NOT GONNA DATE YOU EVEN IF YOU WERE A MILLIONAIRE SINGLE.  I guess being a raging feminist and as a strong independent woman turns me off towards the gentlemen, and probably vice versa.  I have come to the conclusion that I am single, I am loving it, and popping kids out or getting a ring on this here finger anytime soon is NOT what I want.

Last spring I went on a slew of first dates. It was more of an experiment for myself to really conclude why I was single, and if I there was anything I was missing out on.  I am still single.. and generally speaking, still loving it.  I will admit the companionship of a significant other is nice and desirable however, dating in the contemporary is much different than what I thought. As a strong, independent woman I enjoy treating myself for example, paying for my coffee or sharing the bill when out to eat.  However, when I am asked on a date, a first date even, I guess I expect to have the offer of the bill paid for in full by the gentleman. To say I don’t mind sharing the bill is the truth, however, on a date the bill being paid for would be nice.  It seems that contemporary dating has taught me a few things, I usually pay for my bill, and he pays for his separate bill, I drive myself to the restaurant, open my own car door and proceed to the restaurant door and open that one myself as well, I also have to be comfortable carrying the entire meal’s conversation and also be comfortable with him glancing at my chest every so often.  One of the dates I was carrying the conversation on, I apologized for having such a small chest, and that it must be disappointing because my intellectual lecture he was “listening” to just simply wasn’t enough and that perhaps if I was a C or a D it would have been plenty. Now recalling that story I remember why first dates were the only kind of dates I went on for that period of time! 

So my lack of companion has it’s draw backs, like seeing someone you graduated with out in public and not having a handsome intellect to hang out to and having to kiss a stranger every New Years Eve.  However, being single and buying my own coffee allows me to go about as I please and allows me to harass any gentleman I want . 


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