Garbage, Garbage everywhere,


Just kidding, I only have 2 inches of hair on my head.. there is no room for garbage there.

So today I made the brave, yet stupid decision to re-arrange my room. I say stupid and brave because we have hardwood floors in my home, which are beautiful and have just been refinished, and I have a father who will mildly want to hate me if he finds a scratch on them… I was careful..

Moving on.. before the rearrangement could occur, I had to clean my room. For all of those who know me, you know I am a slob.  I have two reasons for this, smart and creative people are slobs, and also I have this superiority complex that I feel as though I am above cleaning my messes. Therefore my room rarely gets cleaned, and when it does, by chance, it is because I am having an asthma attack from inhaling pure dust while I sleep.  That or if my room is emanating a smell that I don’t recall the producer of. However, now my room is clean.  

Every time I clean my room, no matter what is going on in my life, the stress, trials and tribulations, the feeling of self accomplishment I get after seeing this room cleaned, is unmatched by all 


else. I guess it’s something about chasing those dust bunnies around with the vacuum, or the tantalizing feeling of being able to shut not only the door to enter your room, but the door to your closet as well.  I have always understood the art of hanging clothes neatly in a closet, keeps them neat and clean looking, easy access, you can see what you have.  However, every time I clean my room, meaning I pull clothes from my floor and put them on hangers, I am always marveled by how many clothes I have.  Before, when I was in high school, and the only thing I had a job for was to spend on clothes, I used to have a major problem with duplicate’s. I would clean my room maybe once a month, and would find the same articles of clothing twice, sometimes three times over. The money I could have saved if I just used hangers!

Neat less to say kids, keep your room clean so you can bank that money for college, ya’ll be needing more knowledge if you are entertained by this.  And if not college, go buy a car, a nice one.. so all the other kids can watch you be all fly in your car.. and all the older people can hate you because you have a nicer car then them. 


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