So you’re having a bad day.

You know what I’m talking about.


The day you wake up in your own way. The day you pour a cup of coffee then legitimately dump it down the front of you.  The day your hair doesn’t sit the way you want it to. The day your five alarms didn’t motivate you enough to get up on time. The day that even before you grab your keys to walk out the door to work or school you’re like “I need to call in, ain’t nobody got time for this crazy.”  The day you didn’t get to eat breakfast before leaving for the day.  The day you are awake for an hour and you already want to call it quits.

This also happens to be the day that I whine about how difficult and miserable my day is and in the same thought process think of the teens and young adults that live in my city that are products of drug addicts or are refugees  or just a plain and simple bad situation and don’t have a family or a home. A home is a shelter, a roof and maybe a bed. A family is a collection of people who love you, care for you and support you.

And I have the gull to have a bad day.

I have all of the things a blessed person ought to have and I have the right to have a bad day. And because I am an over-thinking and an over-analyzing woman I try to get to the root of my misery to correct it, change it or understand it for what it is. As my day is ending I am going through my day, much like I do at the end of every day whether it is good or bad. My day consisted of waking up ten minutes late, drinking the wrong flavored breakfast smoothie, dumping coffee on my clean work clothes, repositioning my hair in the mirror 70 times as if it would come out differently every time, then leaving for work ten minutes late. On my way to work dumping more coffee on me, having to listen to Janet Snyder for more than three seconds, getting caught up in traffic after leaving late. At work I had a case of the dropsies, and I cut my finger with a box cutter on accident and I definitely got lost driving to another job location twice today and once I got to where I needed to be I had a customer yell at me for not being helpful AT ALL.

That’s not all of it, most of it but not all. I had a bad day.

I had a bad day. I had a bad day, I had a bad day.

When you have a bad day it’s important to recognize it, to feel it so you can get over it. Because you are allowed to have bad days even when you go home to a loving family and a cozy home and a cup of tea with your comfy pants on. Why? because without your bad days what would constitute a good day?  And also you’re human.  But you have to get over your bad days and recognize the blessings you have on those days and how you genuinely are blessed in life.

Today’s Bad Day blessings:

I picked the wrong breakfast smoothie flavor, But I had breakfast.

I woke up ten minutes late to get to work, But I have a job (a paid internship in my field of work specifically)

I spilled coffee all down my outfit, But I changed into a completely different one in a matter of minutes.

Janet Snyder is an offensive buttface, Joy 96.1 and Laura Daniels exists.

My hair didn’t sit right, and it usually doesn’t that’s why I cut it.

I got caught up in traffic that was doing the speed limit, and because I was doing the speed limit I didn’t get pulled over.

I cut my finger, Bandaids exist.

I had a case of the dropsies, well my quads needed a work out.

I got lost, but then I found my way without a GPS.

A customer yelled at me for not being helpful, I recognized there are miserable people in the world that I don’t want to be like.


Bad days exist for a reason, so that I may recognize at the end of a trying day all that I have to be thankful for. I am thankful for my family and friends and I came home to and brightened my day. I am thankful I didn’t completely lose it and shave my head bald, and I am completely grateful for bandaids and a variety of radio stations. I am grateful to recognize my blessings out of my frustrations.


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