“Don’t laugh at me, one day you’ll be me.”

Its the age old moment most daughters have at one point; the realization you have picked up one of your mothers sayings or mannerisms. There are days I question if they cloned my mother and I was the result.  I am not complaining by any means, as I have come to the conclusion that if I am half as loved and give out half the love my mother has- I will live a good life. 

But man oh man am I my mother. You know those suspenseful action packed moments in television and movies that are created for you have a classic “DON’T DO IT WHAT ARE YOU THINKING STOPPPPPPP!” moment followed by the covering of the face and the immediate “I told you so, gosh you’re such an idiot!” Well that is my mother- and apparently me too now. The other day I went to see Captain ‘Murica and basically wet myself from the suspense and the “OH NO STOP IT AHHHHHHH!” suspense littered about the movie. It was a good movie, and like most good movies made me leave thinking about a lot of things but mainly the thought of ‘when in the world did I turn into the kid in the movie theater covering my face and muttering jibberish throughout the whole movie?’ WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN?  


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