Thanks to the nifty app called “Timehop” I can look back at all the things I posted in the past years to my social media accounts. Today, December 20th in 2011 I posted a status about being two days recovered from my second of three ankle surgeries. The post was optimistic and nice which wasn’t the true reflection of the recovery process for that surgery. It was my second of three surgeries of which I was only suppose to have one surgery. I opted out of physical therapy for my second recovery, and it was a Buffalo winter when I had surgery. This was the “easiest” surgery I had and the most difficult recovery I went through. The post I wrote on day two of recovery was optimistic in the face of a depression filled recovery. I was facing the lowest part of my life, the part when if I ever considered suicide, it was then.

I decided to entitle this post gratitude because I’m three years removed from that day, the optimism of that day foreshadowed the future of health and joy I would eventually experience. In two weeks I embark on a 6 week intense health and nutrition plan to truly feel healthy again. I think of that time three years ago that I tried to hold on to the ounce of optimism I had in me to recover and hopefully walk again, to three years later when I am not just walking again but making strides to a healthier lifestyle.

I have gratitude for how my life has worked out so far.

Peace (out),


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