Peaceful Chaos


…or just moron. Am I a moron?

Maybe but I’m rocking the moron lifestyle if I am.

Today is an outrageously beautiful day. it’s sunny and 75 degrees and it’s Buffalo NY, basically a miracle. Just kidding Buffalo gets a terrible rap for weather- but with the exception of the 8 feet of snow we got this past November, our weather is beautiful.

I’m sitting writing a blog post in a class, in an internet marketing class so my thought is I’m using the internet and I’m marketing myself so basically I’m doing classwork by writing this blog.  I’m in the middle of finals week and I’m wasting time writing a blog. Well I don’t think it’s wasting, you can’t get things done when you’ve got something to say.  AND LET ME TELL YOU, I’ve got plenty to say. Mmmhhmm GURL.

I’m finishing my penultimate semester in my undergraduate degree (Thank you SAT prep for that word) and I’m in five classes that honestly I don’t think I’ve learned anything in, thats another story for another day. However I’m writing about peaceful chaos. I have five finals to study for, five final projects to hand in and a fifty hour work week to complete this week. MY LIFE IS CHOAS, but so utterly peaceful too.  On my way to class today (the one I’m writing this blog in) after my 10 hour work day, I walked across Buffalo State’s campus with a coffee larger then necessary in my hand and utter and relentless joy bursting from me.  A joy that radiates from complete peace in life.  I feel today that I am exactly where I am suppose to be. The peace in my peaceful chaos.

Finding joy in life is essential. Because let’s be honest life can really suck if you let it. A lot of things happen in life that we actually can’t control and a proper reaction to certain events in life is necessary but seeking the relentless joy in life is the key to success, at least thats what I’ve found. During a fifteen hour day in which you didn’t have time to shower before hand, stop and appreciate the beautiful weather while sipping a ridiculous sized coffee for five minutes. I’m not saying thats exactly what I did today, but like thats exactly what I did today. I’m sure the funny looks I was getting wasn’t from the goofy smile I had on my face but actually the way my hair is situated on my head from not showering and driving all day with the windows rolled down. But it also could be my body oder. In any event, YOU CAN’T KILL MY JOY TODAY YOU LITTLE JUDGMENTAL BUTTS.

Be relentless people, relentlessly joy-filled.


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