Adulthood of the single suburban girl.

I’m 24 now which basically means I’m a full fledged adult.


That’s right, adulthood. I’m realizing everyday that adulthood has a ridiculous learning curve and can sometimes be unforgiving. Like for example when work sucks, you can’t just yell I quit when you want. In fact you have to become really good at biting your tongue until you literally taste blood. But sometimes adulthood can be cool like, after biting your tongue until you taste blood for keeping your adult job, eating ice cream for dinner is a thing. I mean if I was a preteen and was angry my mom would still make me eat all of my broccoli. Side note- when did broccoli become so delicious? Is this a side affect of adulthood?  ANYWAYS these past few months Ive learned a lot about myself and what kind of an adult I wish to be. Here are a few lessons Ive learned so far..

When wedding season rolls around and you are still your perpetually single self, OWN IT.  Don’t scramble around looking for a date so that grandma doesn’t ask you what you’re sexual orientation is again. I dare you to walk into that wedding reception without a date hanging  off your arm to prove to everyone that, yes you’re single, and yes YOU ARE FREAKING AMAZING. You see my dating life is highly private, and if I manage to continuously date someone for more then a month I’ll consider introducing them to people, otherwise you don’t need to know my status. Wedding season for me just began and I attended a wedding reception, proudly mind you, without a fake date. What was the result? A pretty awesome night of dancing and eating and drinking with my family.  I danced like nobody was watching, actually I hope someone was watching my killer dance moves. In any event I didn’t spend the night worrying what my date was doing, what I was doing and what my family was saying about the entire endeavor. I spent the night celebrating and loving life. Side note: if you have a close friend you bring as a “wedding date” but just as friends and people know that, thats cool. I’m merely stating that you shouldn’t have anything to prove to anyone because GOSH DARN IT YOU ARE A BEAUTIFUL AND INDEPENDENT ADULT!

When work sucks, recognize it.  Starting off an adult career, you will be at the bottom of the poop hill- and when this happens you know that all the poop will eventually land on you.  Know that in this moment it sucks, a lot.  But the cool thing about moments is, they don’t last forever.  So recognize that it sucks now, get angry, then get over it because this wont be forever. If it is forever, you’re adulting wrong. And if that isn’t enough for you to get past the work poop, buy yourself some ice cream and watch Netflix.. it’s worked wonders for me so far.

Staying up late is actually still a thing, but late went from 2 am to 11 pm.  The average day for me starts between 5 and 6 am, so staying up until 2 is not a thing I do.  Eleven pm is more my speed.  In fact I usually ask myself to go to bed, yes I talk to myself it’s called being an adult.  It’s summer for me right now so I only work full time, during the school year I go to school full time too so right now is a freaking vacation! But usually I work days, come home make dinner maybe hang out with friends if I get really crazy, then I watch some Netflix and head to bed. 11pm, people, is the new 2am.

Name brand stuff is great, but store brand stuff is your new best friend.  The other day I was standing in the bandaid aisle at Wegmans looking at bandaids for my ever present cuts on my hands. I went for the name brand BandAid when I realized the store brand was a dollar cheaper. Also fresh cherries are expensive, so if you buy a full bag of cherries totaling more then what you put in your tank of gas for your car this morning, chances are you shouldn’t buy it.  Especially if you  throw half of it out.  Being an adult is learning what you actually will eat and use and buying the best value for yourself. Best value doesn’t always mean cheapest either, kid.

Living alone is harder then it looks. Today I had a really hard day. I went home and ate some chips and drank some soda (Dr. Pepper usually cheers me up) when I realized I wanted my mom.  So I put my chips away, took my soda with me to my car and drove to my mom’s house.  I complained to my mom and in turn she fed me a proper meal and I suddenly felt better.  No matter how much of an adult you are or no matter how long you’ve been an adult, you’re never too old for mom’s home cooked meal.  Ive also come to the realization that if I get real lonely, I can call someone. Friends are great, and in times of hardship you know who your real friends are.

Lastly the politics of flaky friends are not worth your time.  If people decide to do caddy things and not include you on things you have every right as a good standing adult to get angry.  But don’t waste your time on their lack of true friendship.  At this point I actually have nothing to prove to you, if you don’t like me, fine, but lets do us all a favor and stop pretending that friendship is a possibility here. I have a lot going on and carving out time for a flake is not on my agenda, let’s agree to not be friends if thats the case. Let’s all make more time for friends, for the people that in the face of your worst moments will still look at you with a soft smile and say something supportive because that’s what friends do.

Being an adult isn’t suppose to be easy, because if it were, what’d be the point? But learn to suck it up cupcake and enjoy the life you’ve been given, all the low points with the high points.


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