2016, thank you.

2016. wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, and wow. AMIRIGHT?! To be honest with you there are so many awful things I could reflect on and write about right now but I have a burning desire to end this shit storm of a year on a high note, so I’ma write about the good times. SO BUCKLE UP KID- I’m throwing some serious joy your way.  One of my favorite things to do on New Years Eve is pour myself a drink (this year its a large Gin and Tonic because I’m an adult) and reflect on the year I lived. I love to write a blog post about the past year, this is the 3rd annual New Years blog post, I hope I don’t disappoint.

2016 was riddled with defeat both on a personal level and on “an American trying to live with hope” level. 1.) Donald Trump was taken seriously as a presidential candidate 2.) He fucking won presidency (?!)   3.) I totaled  a car for the first time. 4.)I  almost died in September (?! )

Here is my attempt to see the good in tragedy, enjoy:

1 and 2) Donald Trump is a scumbag, there is no other way I can describe him. BUT he is also President elect currently and in a few short weeks, President. The positive? Yes there is a positive because I refuse to allow this scum ass hat to ruin anymore of my days in the future, his victory has sparked a vocal outcry and a vocal revolution. We live in a country where most Americans educate themselves with social media articles that 97% of the time are false or extremely bias. His victory woke the nation of indifferent and undereducated Americans into learning about their government, learning about their country and taking action to stand their ground in the progress they have made to ensure this asshat doesn’t ruin it for us all. Over the years I flip flopped on issues because of my undereducated and easily persuaded lifestyle, this election cycle and a brief conversation with a 16 year old British girl on a tram in Poland woke me up, made me research and dig within myself to find where I stand. In 2017 I will fight to the death for the rights of every women in this country. I will fight to the death for every minority in the country. And most importantly I will fight to the death for justice for every single soul in this country. 2017 watch out- I’m ready for you.

3.) I hated that car, I got a cooler car it’s a blue Escape and I named it Dory. Positives sometimes are short and sweet, Thank the lord baby jesus.

4.) Yeah I had a major brain hemorrhage while on vacation hundreds of miles away from home, yeah I ran a $120,000+ medical bill, and yeah I’m alive and doing just fine. I always knew I was lucky to live life, I was lucky to be born into a loving and supportive family in middle class America but I never really grasped that knowledge until I was lying in a hospital bed in the ICU of Mass General with my parents by my side for 6 straight days. It was a freak accident, but it was whatever you want to call it intervention that I was where I was. I’m alive, holy shit, I’m alive. I have an appreciation for life and for my family and friends no matter if it’s going the way I envisioned it to go or not.

2017: you will be bad but you will also be good. I have hope for a bright and beautiful year so I know you will not disappoint. TO THE NEW YEAR! Also, to love- I have 6 wedding invites already stacked up for this year. Also to being poor and having a closet full of cocktail dresses haha 2017: The year of the cocktail dress.


Cheers, Be safe and be happy tonight kids.


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